As October draws to a close, I do look forward to Halloween and having some fun putting seasonal headgear on Diva (Melland Queen of Scots). Does Diva enjoy it too? I think so.

Earlier in the year, she happily bounced around the school wearing the Union Jack to celebrate the King’s coronation. Usually at Halloween I lean towards witches’ hats or bats for her, but they often don’t show up very well, so I was delighted to find some pumpkin deely boppers in a local supermarket. I was even more delighted when I got home and discovered they lit up!

Brown Horse

I had just by chance bought Flora a winter coat that was orange, so I popped the headband over her back and off she trotted! She was quite puzzled as to why I was laughing at her. Diva is a professional and donned her boppers with pride. Again, I am surprised I got any images as I was chuckling so much!

The end of October also means the clocks go back an hour and so daylight after work becomes very limited. Time for semi-hibernation, I think!

On a more serious note, Halloween is followed by Bonfire Night and its accompanying fireworks. I am lucky in that the stables are remote from any villages that hold displays, but one poor horse owner in Lincolnshire has taken to social media to help prevent a big firework display being held literally next to her horses’ field. Working at an equine hospital does mean that I do see the consequences of horses being scared by fireworks each year.

Dog in costume

I am going to sound very old now, but the noise from the fireworks these days is probably tenfold to what it used to be. I do not understand why they have to be so loud as, for me, I enjoy the pretty colours and shapes they make rather than the assault on my eardrums.

I hope everyone’s horses, ponies and pets get through the season without distress or injury.

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