Recently, we have seen a couple of new equines join us at the yard. Bunty, a beautiful white grey Arab x Connemara, has been here a little while. She has settled in well and her stable is next door to Diva’s. The contrast between the two is stunning. All Bunty would need is a horn to make her into a true unicorn!

The second new arrival is a pony for Erin to ride. Searching for the right pony was tough. With a child it is so important to get it right. Hopefully, with Pebbles, a bay roan 12hh mare, we have found the right one.

Horses in field

Although only seven years old, Erin does as much by herself with Pebbles and Tilly as she can. Pebbles lived in at night for the first 10 days or so and went out in a small paddock, so we could get to know her and for her to know us too.

Erin was keen to ride her so, on the day after Pebbles’ arrival, we tacked her up and, after a little lunge to check out her temperament, Erin got on.

Horses touching noses

It was lovely to see Erin riding her new pony in the school. We started off with her on the lead rein and then progressed to the lunge line with a little bit of off lead to end on.

Girl riding horse

In the two weeks since Pebbles’ arrival, their partnership has gone from strength to strength with Erin happily off lead and doing trotting poles, and she has even had a little canter!

I think they will have a great future together, and we will find some shows that include ridden lead rein classes and then progress onto first ridden. They both love poles and jumping, so we will look out for some lead rein working hunter classes too.

Horses grazing

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