The fields at the yard have been sprayed and so the horses have swapped their fields for a while. I had my field sprayed in two halves as I already had it split and so the girls have stayed in their field, just having to swap sides.

Basil, however, who is usually across the lane from Mabel and Diva is now in the field next door, and it has to be said, Mabel has developed a bit of a crush! Diva is not so enamoured of him as he always seems to be laughing at her!

Two horses

I am being very careful with Diva as the grass is growing so rapidly at the moment, so she is out with Mabel for only part of the day in a small area of the field. Mabel is now out 24/7 and I have opened up the bottom of the field where the longer grass is for her. However, such is her crush on the handsome grey that she only goes down to the longer grass if he accompanies her. Mabel forgoing food? It must be love! Sadly, the romance is doomed as he will be returning to his usual field at the weekend. Harry, who has lived next door to the girls previously is going to go into that field, so it will be interesting to see if Mabel switches allegiance to stay in love with the horse next door!

Diva the Pony

Diva is a very chatty pony. She usually answers with a whinny if you call her, and she absolutely cracks me up when I put her in the lunge ring. She loves having a trot and canter around and she makes me chuckle every time as she squeaks as she is working. The lunge ring is in the middle of the horse walker, and one day I was working her when Mabel was on the walker. When Diva saw her, she galloped around bucking and squeaking the whole time without me having to ask her to do anything!

That little black pony makes me smile every day.

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