I haven’t been walking Diva out around the lanes since lockdown commenced, as it just didn’t seem right without my friend Jill accompanying us.

This weekend, with things relaxing a little, Jill was able to come over to the yard and we enjoyed a lovely socially distanced walk in the sun.

I thought Diva might be a little excited and perhaps a bit naughty since we haven’t been out since March. But as ever, my lovely Shetland pony showed perfect manners and strolled along without pulling or looking for trouble.

The fine weather meant we encountered all sorts of things such as several cyclists and a ride-on mower going at full pelt just on the other side of a hedgerow. I am hopeful that she’ll become a cracking driving pony when she is old enough, as she just takes everything in her stride.

One thing we had never before come across was a horse and carriage. I stood Diva to the side of the road on the verge and thought she might be frightened by this unusual sight. She stood rock solid as the handsome coloured horse approached in his four-wheeled carriage.

We had a chat to the ladies and received permission to use a photograph for the blog but I totally forgot to get their names! Perhaps in a couple of years’ time Diva and I will be trotting along behind them in convoy.

Diva is looking very shiny as her summer coat has now come through, and several people in their gardens commented on it as we passed. So far, our plan of having a drink in the garden of a pub has not been possible due to the Covid-19 restrictions, but hopefully we’ll be able to do this before the end of the summer.

As Diva is living out 24/7 at the moment, I thought she might have been a little tired after our walk. I needn’t have worried. When I turned her back out in the field, she galloped flat out, bucking and kicking, down to the other horses. I love seeing her have a play.

Stay safe everyone and see you next time.

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