Now that Christmas and the New Year are behind us, along with the shortest day, it is time to start thinking ahead to sunny days and planning shows!

I have traditionally started Diva’s campaign at the Midland Counties Show in early June, and that is certainly on my calendar. I have booked time off that covers the Great Yorkshire Show, Lincolnshire County Show, the Royal Highland Show and Royal Norfolk. In addition, I have got time off for the East Anglian Shetland Pony Group’s performance show and the Shetland Pony Stud-Book Society’s performance and breed shows. I doubt if I will go to all of these but at least with time off booked, I have the option.


My dream is to compete at the Royal Highland as it is such a special show for the Scottish native breeds of Highland, Clydesdale and Shetland. Last year it went ahead in a reduced format due to Covid restrictions, so I am hoping this year it may be back to its usual status and we make the trip with Diva and Jackson. Both ponies really enjoy their shows and travel without turning a hair. If we do go to the Royal Highland, we will make it a little holiday and stay extra days if possible to make it easier on us and the ponies.


Little Flora will be coming with us, which will be fun. She is so tiny and just curls up next to you when she travels. I will have to get her a car harness to ensure she is safe. I usually travel her in a pen in my car, but there isn’t room in the cab of the lorry to put one so she’ll be on the seat next to whoever isn’t driving.

Shetland Pony in the field

So, we have plenty of adventures ahead of us in 2022. What are your plans for the competition season?

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