With the days beginning to get longer and snowdrops in bloom, is it safe to think that spring might not be too far away?

Diva (Melland Queen of Scots) always begins to moult early in the year and it is tempting to start to groom her more thoroughly. However, as she isn’t rugged and is turned out in all weathers, I tend to leave using more than a basic dandy brush to get the mud off her until later months.

Black horse

This winter has been incredibly wet and I am so pleased that Diva is a black pony, as once the mud gets brushed off she looks pretty clean compared to Bunty, who is white-grey, or Peanut, who is skewbald.

Her tail is a different story and instead of looking black it had begun to take on a lovely brown colour at the bottom. So, I decided to give it a wash and took Diva into the yard wash box for the first time this year.

Horse tail

As ever, Diva stood tied up patiently whilst I got a bucket of hot water ready and the hose attached to the hot tap instead of cold. I dunked Diva’s tail in the bucket of water to ensure it was completely wet, before using Fairy Liquid to really work at getting the mud out. Once this was rinsed off, I washed it again with my usual black, colour-enhancing shampoo by Gallop. It was amazing just how much dirt came out of her tail.

Horse tail

Between shows I seldom brush Diva’s mane or tail as, even with detangler, lots of brushing does thin it out. Today, though, I liberally doused her mane in detangler and brushed it through. I sprayed her tail, but didn’t brush it out until it was more or less dry.

When I was finished, I turned Diva out and she trotted off with her mane swirling as if in a shampoo advert! No doubt her tail will soon be dirty again.

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