I have a bit of a quandary with the girls at the moment, now the weather is becoming more unpredictable. Mabel is 22 years old and although she has enjoyed living out 24/7 during the summer, the cooler nights and damper days mean she is more than happy to start coming in at night.

Three-year-old Diva, however, is quite another matter. She thrives on being outside and is oblivious to the weather. Her thick coat keeps her dry in the worst of the rain, and I’m sure her natural curiosity means she likes being out where she can see what’s going on! Consequently, it is now Mabel – not Diva – who gallops up the field to me!

It is great to see the old girl feeling so well. She was retired due to injury, and so it means even more for me to see her bucking and kicking. The saving grace of spending the night inside, from Diva’s point of view, is that there is then a good chance she will get to do one of her favourite things – go on the horse walker!

Diva is a very bold young pony who tends to investigate and work things out when she comes across something she hasn’t encountered before. This holds her in good stead when out for our walks down the lanes. The last time I took her out she had to cope with a huge tractor and trailer coming past. In true Diva style she stood like a rock.

The other day in the paddock, however, she really wasn’t sure what she was seeing.

Darcy, a working cocker spaniel, and Nessa, a German pointer, decided to cool off in the girls’ water trough after running around the fields. Diva was halfway down the field when the dogs took the plunge, and she galloped up as fast as her little legs would take her to investigate what was going on.

Her face was a picture when she came face to face with a soggy spaniel! Darcy was unrepentant and grinned at her before jumping out. Nessa, I think, was happy she was in the part of the trough on the other side of the fence.

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