Well the weathers not been too pleasant the last week or so! Hope everyone’s equines are okay with the dreary weather!

All 3 neddies have been highly unimpressed, but Autumn has been the worst upset! All because her ‘evil’ mum had dared to put a lightweight rug on her on the wettest days to keep her dry – how dare I?!

She is definitely a diva when it comes to rainy days – she still loves to show her displeasure the minute a rug is put on by charging up and down the field (sometimes even when I am still in the process of doing the rug up!), whilst the other two look on I may add.

At her age I like to ensure her joints don’t get too cold and wet so I rug her up if there are predicted torrential downpours on the way, but leave her rugless if it will just be the odd shower as I know how much she dislikes rugs – what a fun winter we will have!

The weather has turned our arena into a bog most days where it’s not been safe to ride the horses faster than a walk. This has been very frustrating but I always put their welfare first. The fields have been slippery too, and the roads filled with large puddles so we have been a bit restricted in our work.

I did plan to take the old gal out for a quick hack one morning at the weekend as shockingly there was no rain falling – but on reaching for the saddle I began to hear the pitter patter, which then sped up quickly into another downpour ☹ so unfortunately the hack was cancelled and a grooming session ensued in the dry covered stable (Autumn was soooo disappointed – Not!).

Bob has bottled up some energy whilst not being able to be worked, but not in a good way! I managed to get aboard before our farrier visit last week (as there was the brief hint of sunshine and dry weather) – then had to dismount sharpish! It is very rare for me to dismount unless I deem it unsafe – but I’m so glad I did on this occurrence. He was completely petrified of something across the road behind the hedge and some of his turns and leaps I knew I would never have stayed on for!

Luckily I had come prepared and had a lunge line in the arena – 25mins of lunging and he finally settled, and also got used to the wind. I managed to get aboard and for another half hour he schooled well, still a bit tense but no crazy outbursts.

I cannot wait for the dry, still weather again!! I am definitely getting my money’s worth from my full seat silicone breeches – they have saved me a more than a couple of times in this stormy weather!! I know what I will be looking for again if I get to go to your horse live later in the year!

We had an eventful time during the farrier visit last week trying to dodge the showers and swapping the horses into and out of their stables. Poor Autumn was being shod just as the worst down pour occurred – I covered her with a rug but she was highly unimpressed especially when the gutters began to over flow either side of her – cue her fretful owner climbing on a mounting block frantically trying to clear leaves and debris form the guttering – but only ending up pushing the water so it pours out and goes down the Inside of her coat! Argh! I was absolutely drenched inside and out at that point much to the amusement of the farrier.

Autumn was also a bit stupid whilst waiting for the farrier- I had her stamp a few times and kick once whilst in the stable thinking she was inpatient – well the silly girl managed to kick her own leg causing an inch long cut down her offside rear cannon bone! Lots of blood but once I washed and cleaned it with some hibiscrub and salt water, it settled down and luckily she is on the mend with a tiny bit of swelling!

I’ve recently been reading about the holistic side of treating injuries/ailments and to be honest find it fascinating – has anyone used any herbal remedies that have worked better than the store bought ones, I would love to hear about them and the results?

With the ginger one out of action for a few days and the arena being limited to slow work I’ve concentrated on Aria a bit more – we have done more lunge and ground work. She still likes to test me and see if she can bully me in the arena when we first start the trotting stage of the warm up!

Turning in, bucking and squealing are her favourites, but after five minutes when she realises it has no effect she gives up and behaves. She is very responsive to body language and eye contact - much more than voice or lunge whip. I find holding her eye contact whilst she is having a hissy fit makes a huge difference to how quickly she settles – the mare stare is a definite tool!!

I’m crossing everything that better weather is on the horizon as I need to get the big lad doing some jump practice ahead of our next outing otherwise we may be in for a very eventful and errr energetic show!!

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