About Maxine:

Maxine Fuller runs her yard in Sevenoaks and provides a invaluable service to the equine community by rescuing abandoned and neglected ponies and horses. Her work concentrates on rehabilitation and re-homing of rescued equines. She loves what she does and receives an immense sense of gratification when she sees her hard work come to fruition. Sammi's case is just one story of many but one which Maxine wanted to share with us. 


Sammi's Story...

Horses have been a major part of my life since I was 3. As well as taking care of my own amazing and mischievous herd I work with local rescue centres, it's often heartbreaking seeing the state they come in, but with lots of tending to, love, time and patience I am to bring them up to full health, back them and find forever homes.

Here are before and after pictures of Sammi, a 2 year old cob who cam in skin and bones and riddled with lice. He is now so incredibly friendly and gaining in confidence each day. I plan to back him in Spring next year if all goes well. I fell in love with him the moment I met him so he'll be staying with me on my yard as his forever home. 

Check our Maxine's Facebook page - Confidence Boost Equine Rescue to see the incredible work she does, with the help of fundraising. 

Here are some pictures of Sammi arriving at the yard:

And here are some pictures of Sammi one year after he arrived - what a transformation!!

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